Sunday, April 12, 2015


I need to thank another poster for sharing this photo.

It’s 2015. April, in fact. I am 55 years old.
No, I’m not. I’m 6 years old. In my jammies, riding in the station wagon with my Dad. The very early morning sun is yellow and pale orange. I have my spindly legs tucked under me, wiggling my toes in my fuzzy slippers. Waiting and waiting to make that  left turn onto Seymour Street.
There she is! Her silky scarf tied tightly under chin, her pocketbook hanging from her arm. She stands there waiting for us.
My Nanny. My grandmother. An angel in my life.
Weekdays, my father would leave our home on West Walnut Street in Lancaster, PA very early in the morning and head south. He would pick up my grandmother on the corner of Seymour Street and bring her back to our home, where my mother had her beauty shop. She would care for my brother and me while my mother worked and my father was working in Calendar at Armstrong Cork Co.
Whar a treat it was to be awake and be able to pester him to ride along :)
Seeing this photo online took me back to those golden mornings. Like it was yesterday.
I cannot remember what I ate two days ago but I can see Nanny in her midcalf coat, her pocketbook hung on her wrist, that scarf covering her head. I can smell her Cashmere Bouquet.
I hope and pray she knows that I am reliving those precious moments. I suppose it’s a curse of the human condition that we don’t see just how precious moments are until they are memories.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Always Returning...

It's been a very long time since I've been here. Life takes over and there just aren't enough hours in a day, or in a month, to attend to all the facets of our lives that should be tended to.
That being said, I now have some time. Unexpected and unfamiliar but here just the same.
Marian Louise Baker is never forgotten. She taps on my shoulder often reminding me that she is still waiting for someone, anyone to let the world know what a gift and blessing she was and that her untimely murder back in the Camelot days of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania should be remembered.
Nothing can change what happened that day. Nothing can erase the horror and brutality of that heinous afternoon by the Harnish cottage. But just as the murder of Jan Roseboro in more recent days clearly screamed that intersection life lines can sometimes lead to an unescapable conclusion, the murder of Marian Louise Baker was in the cards.
Ed Gibbs chose Marian. Or at least his depraved and violently electric mind chose her. But there was to be a victim, don't ever doubt that. The actual identity and circumstances of the killing were variable. A classic case of Marian being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the bubbling, fermenting and oozing hate that was smothering Ed Gibbs was going to be released somewhere, on someone.
It may be easy now to look at the whole sad story and say "Of course!" It seems fairly clear that the players in Gibb's life set the scene years earlier. Crazy lines intersected and Marian Louise Baker paid the price.
It's occurred to me that Helen Gibbs dodged the bullet, or the lugwrench. I often wonder what kept Ed from snapping and killing the one female in his closest proximity. Perhaps it was the timing. Helen wasn't an arms length away from him that cold, gray January day. Marian was.
I wonder if Helen ever shuddered through the years knowing just how chillingly close she came to a brutal death.
Ed Gibbs killed Marian Louise Baker. But he had co-conspirators.
His parents, his teachers, his past girlfriends. Every human being that reminded him that he has no choices in life, no free will to succeed, to fail or to be human.
What is most astounding is that at the time that the people in Ed Gibb's life were binding him emotionally so tight that was snap was inevitable, they really had no clue.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Marian Louise Baker's story is not over. Nor is it forgotten. There are still those who remember her, love her, miss her and want to make sure that history records her with truth, reverence and admiration.
I am back at work, in a limited capacity, on Marian's story.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wishing Marian Louise A Happy Birthday.....

Today I am wishing Marian Louise Baker a Happy Birthday. She would be 85 years old today. Many wonder what how her life would have been blessed...children, anniversaries, wonderful memories created with those she loved...
She is not forgotten.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Researching Croghan....

I had a few minutes today to work on some ongoing research. I am currently looking into the Croghan aspect of the Marian Louise Baker murder, namely some follow up to Edward Lester Gibbs' wife, Helen Woodward.
Helen resumed her maiden name when she left Lancaster and Ed Gibbs. She tried to turn the clock back to when she was Helen Woodward...before the nightmare of her marriage to Ed.
It seems that Helen married into the Croghan family and had one son. After the death of Mr. Croghan, she remarried later into the Wilson family.
I have the utmost respect for Helen Woodward Croghan Wilson and will not even begin to invade her privacy with contact. However, if she or any other family member would wish to speak with me, I would be more than glad to hear them tell me anything that Helen or the family would like me to know.

I also was contacted a while back, allegedly, by the daughter of the last surviving juror in the Ed Gibbs murder trial. Unfortunately she never left me any contact information with which I could contact her, and she has never used my various emails in which to contact me. If she is still interested in contacting me, I would love to hear from her or her mother.

As always, I can be reached here, via comment or at or   Thanks.